Hero of the Trans-gender community?

Postby Curlyrocks » Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:41 am

How the hell did Caitlyn Jenner replace Chelsea Manning as the main hero of the transgender community? As Bradley Manning he released thousands of documents that showed the horror of American military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. She then began the process of becoming a woman while serving over 30 years in a military prison. If you ask me that's harder than hard. Bruce Jenner was good at sports, was on a reality TV show and then put on some of his daughters fancy cloths and got a new reality show. HOW THE F*** DOES THAT MAKE HER A HERO! If a sports star and reality TV star is honestly more of a hero to you than a person who fought to expose the horrors of war than transgendered people are as petty, small minded and and stupid as every one else.
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Re: Hero of the Trans-gender community?

Postby DebtToAmerica » Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:49 am

pretty much everyone accepts that the russian media is state-controlled.

pretty much everyone accepts that the russian government employs journalists and social media "sockmasters" to sway public opinion.

many people know that the russian "sockmasters" work their way into positions of authority on places like reddit so they can use moderator powers to silence dissenters and protect their colleagues' accounts.

but in america? on english language TV channels and websites? nah... never...
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Re: Hero of the Trans-gender community?

Postby JasonRMJ » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:28 am

it's because Americans value sports than soldiers.
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