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g** Marriage - politics

In a free country, it would be so uncontroversial as to be a total non-issue.

TAGS: g** marriage lgbt freedom liberty

politics g** Marriage
Cannabal  #41202 Created June 8, 2013



KaBoom - June 11, 2013, 1:28 pm
Thats what I mean. Gun stores are FFL holders. Make every arms-length deal go through one.Obviously the gun store cannot do anything for inheritance because the previous owner is dead.Although we could create a law where they could do it with a death cert
Renza - June 11, 2013, 1:22 pm
I see nothing wrong with compromise, though I'm not really a lawmaker. Though a side note, to my understanding, numerous gun stores could actually facilitate the documentation and background checks already, though I'm sure a fee would be involved.
KaBoom - June 11, 2013, 1:20 pm
support checks if they are "arms-length" deals. Effectively making it to where any firearm sold would go through an FFL (closing the "gun show loophole"), but I would still be able to give/sell to family or friends without being a criminal. Deal? lol
KaBoom - June 11, 2013, 1:13 pm
It depends on the implementation. The way the new "assault weapon" ban bill reads, ANY private transaction would be precluded because regular people don't know how to conduct these checks and keep these records appropriately. Can we compromise? I would...
Renza - June 11, 2013, 8:44 am
Background checks already exist in most states, it's just the areas that it doesn't that cause loopholes, closing those up wouldn't be much of a stepping stone for outright confiscation of guns
Cannabal - June 10, 2013, 8:59 pm
Keep in mind that the NSA has been around since the Cold War.
KaBoom - June 10, 2013, 7:52 pm
I am not talking about a speculative and nebulous "the government." I am saying there are real people right here right now that explicitly want to squelch gun rights and they will use something like that as a start.
Renza - June 10, 2013, 7:23 pm
Yes, there are always people who think anything and everything that involves the government is another step towards totalitarian fascist rule, but at least on this subject congress aside, there is a vast majority in favor of moving forward on the matter
StoneTools - June 10, 2013, 7:12 pm
and that is becoming more and more clear as the unconstitutional domestic spying unfolds for this administration and the previous one as well. Who knows what took place in the administrations prior to Bush.
KaBoom - June 10, 2013, 2:32 pm
I dont have a problem with that conceptually, but you have to admit that there are a ton of people who would consider this just "a foot in the door" to other measures.It is the same argument for the regulation of abortion.Nullification through regulation.
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George Carlin Says Tax the Churches - politics

TAGS: carlin churches politics taxes

politics George Carlin Says Tax the Churches
BobbEdwards  #41140 Created June 7, 2013



GrouchoMarxists - November 23, 2017, 7:55 pm
Carlin’s the man
RonaldReagan - March 21, 2015, 3:55 pm
Last of the great satirists. Jon Stewart who?
StoneTools - June 9, 2013, 1:40 pm
so, is it safe to a**ume that you feel the same about the liberals getting non profit status, for instance, the OFA (which is blatantly pro obama) and was already approved with minimum paperwork while right leaners were penalized for not being liberals?
Renza - June 9, 2013, 10:30 am
I thought they upgraded from a wall to a hologram?
Cannabal - June 8, 2013, 11:44 pm
The whole point of tax exemption meant no direct influence in politics at all. Sadly, the wall of church and state has as many holes in it as a US immigration policy.
Rudedog - June 8, 2013, 6:45 pm
No one is claiming George Carlin for their own, just those willing to accept logical, unbiased resolve of that which demands resolution.
Renza - June 8, 2013, 1:47 pm
Is that why you're constantly talking about lefties and Obama followers?
StoneTools - June 8, 2013, 11:04 am
You have issues, don't you? Just because 1 or 2 people do something, why does that define a whole group?
BobbEdwards - June 8, 2013, 9:37 am
That was a quick 1L ;-) What's the matter, it's George Carlin! You know, the guy that right-wingers here are trying to claim for their side. I guess they don't want that ridiculous notion spoiled for them...
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Are our soldiers going hungry while Congress boosts its pay? - politics

My nephew recently returned to Afghanistan for his second deployment. A few days ago he went to the mess hall only to find it locked and posted with a sign explaining that, due to budget cuts, breakfast would no longer be served. On that same day, it was reported in the media that members of Congress would be receiving an automatic pay raise they had budgeted for themselves. Every citizen of the United States should be outraged by this! If we cannot afford to feed our soldiers, we certainly cannot afford to increase the salaries of our "political elite." — Janell Perkins, Anchorage Letter to the Editor, Anchorage Daily News, January 6, 2013

TAGS: battaile vik

Another demotivational by Airman - WHY YOUR DJpolitics Are our soldiers going hungry while Congress boosts its pay?
vbattaile  #40782 Created June 2, 2013



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The Democrat Party: America's Oldest Hate Group - politics

The Democrat Party America's Oldest Hate Group

TAGS: battaile

politics The Democrat Party: America's Oldest Hate Group
vbattaile  #40486 Created May 29, 2013



GrouchoMarxists - November 23, 2017, 7:56 pm
..True this..
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U.S. should stay out of Syria - politics

The military/industrial complex, lead by the war hawks in the U.S. Senate, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are calling for us to go into Syria because a "red line" with regard to chemical weapons may have been passed. Sounds like Iraq all over again. We went into Iraq not knowing the difference between any of the factions in their country and, at a tremendous cost of blood and treasure, have left them fighting with one another. We stayed in Afghanistan long after Osama had left and we are about to leave that country in an unstable mess after too big of a cost in lives and dollars. Does anybody know who appointed the U.S. as the militant solver of all of the world's problems? Is it any wonder that there is a growing hate of us by the people of the Middle East. Let the countries of that region solve the problems of Syria if they are so disposed. We've had enough war! It's time to rescind the blanket resolution of Congress giving the President authority to take military action! It's also time to have universal military service, with no exceptions, so all of the children and grandchildren of the war mongers will have to serve. Maybe then we will see a period of peace and prosperity in this country.

TAGS: battaile vik

politics U.S. should stay out of Syria
vbattaile  #40392 Created May 28, 2013



RonaldReagan - December 14, 2013, 11:18 am
Misspelled Muslim.
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