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Getting What They Asked For & Receiving What They Deserve - politics

After arrests plunge and violence soars, Baltimore residents are now whining about being scared and worry they’ve been abandoned by the police officers they accused of harassing them. Residents wanted police out of their neighborhoods and now Baltimore is experiencing their deadliest month in more than 15 years. It seemed the citizens would appreciate a lack of police presence...and that’s exactly what they’re getting.

TAGS: baltimore black lives matter freddie gray ferguson effect police presence no justice no peace stephanie rawlings blake marilyn mosby al sharpton race baiters naacp grievance industry cpusa blacklivesmatter eric garner hands up dont shoot michael brown

politics Getting What They Asked For & Receiving What They Deserve
TheConservativeInsurgent  #63041 Created May 31, 2015



MMessEnnBeeCee - June 2, 2015, 7:54 am
Try to figure out why people think a comment is written about them. I mentioned no names, but said some people had the IQ of a dead tree. Someone here decided it must be them that I'm talking about. Now try to figure out why they would think that. lol
guest818 - June 2, 2015, 4:39 am
EMMa, for someone incapable of getting their b***ons pushed, you sure get your b***ons pushed a lot.
rebeccaolsen - June 1, 2015, 6:30 pm
Of course. Because MMessEnnBeeEss WAS talking about me :) It just pushes his bu'ttons when people see right through him, and he gets so embarrassed about it that he tries to cover it up(and other things)by playing 'stupid' about it. Well, I buy 'that' :)
OTC - June 1, 2015, 5:55 pm
She must have "reasonably inferred" you were talking about her, despite "they" in the sentence
rebeccaolsen - May 31, 2015, 8:42 pm
But carry on, you are so cute when you fail troll. :)
rebeccaolsen - May 31, 2015, 8:41 pm
That is still p.ushing your b***ons hun? Aren't you supposed to be "ignoring" me, hun? (#76501) Using OTC to passive-aggressively respond to the things I say, this time "the great comment debate"(#76634,#76635)really doesn't fit the definition of ignoring
MMessEnnBeeCee - May 31, 2015, 6:15 pm
Have you ever noticed how they all claim to have degrees, yet can't even grasp how comments work. I think their degrees are in underwater basket weaving.
OTC - May 31, 2015, 5:16 pm
Liberals are such a joke, and they wonder why we laugh at them.
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Extra Credit Multiple Choice Question - politics

In this recent AP photo, President Obama is working really hard on something important to our country. What’s he doing? Is he: 1. Shaping his Legacy 2. Going to Hell 3. Digging a Latrine 4. Digging his Own Grave 5. Trying to Hide From Moochelle 6. Digging Tunnels for Hamas 7. Making an End of Days Bunker 8. Searching for the Twelfth Imam 9. Prepping an IED for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

TAGS: barack obama hates america coward in chief butcher of benghazi communist socialist marxist obummer worst president ever democrats liberals progressives hope and change forward

politics Extra Credit Multiple Choice Question
TheConservativeInsurgent  #63035 Created May 30, 2015



RonaldReagan - June 4, 2015, 7:02 pm
Now fill the hole. Quickly
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Bernie the Sadistic p***ert - politics

Bernie Sanders wrote in 1972 about his fantasies of gang-raping women. But since Bernie is a socialist-Democrat, fantasizing about gang-rape isn’t really 'rape' you know? If this gang-rape fantasy written by Bernie had been from a GOP contender for president in 2016, this story would be Todd Akin on steroids to the corrupt, leftist media. But since Bernie represents liberals and Democrats, this has just been basically yawned at and ignored by the lap dog media. You know, the war on women doesn’t apply to old, creepy socialists Democrats like perverted Bernie.

TAGS: bernie sanders gang ra** fantasies p***ert sadistic codger democrat cretin liberal nut job progressive hack socialist vermont moron senile communist

politics Bernie the Sadistic p***ert
TheConservativeInsurgent  #63013 Created May 28, 2015



Pikeman - November 4, 2015, 9:11 am
Jeb my he drop out of the race Bush is a better candidate than Bernie.
Cannabal - May 29, 2015, 5:37 pm
Still a better candidate than ANYONE else.
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Importing Jihad: More of the Poison Fruit From the Party of Treason - politics

Senate Democrats are urging the Obama regime to allow at least 65,000 Syrian refugees to settle inside the U.S. The only refugees we should be resettling from this war torn region are Christians. Instead, the U.S. stands by while they are ethnically cleansed from their ancient homelands.

TAGS: democrat traitors syrian refugees obama muslim appeaser liberals love islam progressives dhimmitude treason insanity lunacy

politics Importing Jihad: More of the Poison Fruit From the Party of Treason
TheConservativeInsurgent  #62989 Created May 27, 2015



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lest we forget - politics

Wars were fought for our rights and freedom Not for government control and dependency

TAGS: land of the free because of the brave

politics lest we forget
OTC  #62952 Created May 25, 2015



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