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politics He Had a Dream (MLK). We Got a Nightmare

He Had a Dream (MLK). We Got a Nightmare - politics

He Had a Dream We Got a Nightmare

TAGS: vik

(5/5) - 11 votes

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#45254 Created August 25, 2013
More by vbattaile

politics Guns don't kill people

Guns don't kill people - politics

Teenagers do

TAGS: wwii vet shorty killed by teens

(5/5) - 16 votes

OTC - September 7, 2013, 7:11 pm, #59538
They're looking for some white-hispanic dude to blame
StoneTools - August 24, 2013, 3:50 am, #58484
where jesse and al at now?

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#45065 Created August 23, 2013
More by OTC

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politics Annoy A Conservative: Use Facts & Logic

Annoy A Conservative: Use Facts & Logic - politics

Did these fools profile Mr. Lane the way G.Z. profiled T.M. I think not. A black youth, walking through a neighborhood, was confronted by a man who felt the youth didn't belong there. Because of the way the youth looked. Three young kids just wanted to kill someone because they were bored. There is no comparison. Trayvon Martin was followed and killed because he looked "suspicious" to George Zimmerman. Christopher Lane was killed because he happened to be running past a house where three boys were "bored." Would anyone walking in the neighborhood have looked suspicious to George Zimmerman? I don't think so. Would anyone running by the house have sufficed to satisfy the boys' urge to shoot someone. I think so. Which murder was racially motivated? The entire story with Trayvon was the COMPLETE LACK OF ACTION by authorities, the implicit assumption that he DESERVED his fate, which EVENTUALLY prompted an outcry from his FAMILY... These three were immediately arrested, have been charged, and they'll do time.

TAGS: vik battaile

(1.68/5) - 25 votes

birddseedd - December 27, 2013, 1:32 pm, #63538
zimmerman did not profile travon. travon was not a child. zimmerman did not shoot him because he was black, zimmerman sh** him because travon was litterally beating the life out of him. i would shoot someone trying to kill me too.
StoneTools - September 8, 2013, 1:06 am, #59544
speaking of honesty, cranky, where the name from the list of soldiers who were carrying a**ault rifles while surrounding hasan while he murdered unarmed soldiers?
crankyhead - September 7, 2013, 6:28 pm, #59533
The only FACT being omitteed is that you willfully shilled for a racist, in this thread, because of what party she belongs to. If you're going to continue bandying about the idea that you're interested in an honest debate, then prove it, and have one.
WTFO - September 7, 2013, 12:30 am, #59494
A piece of advice from one of the longest politifakers; don't become an ignorant troll like cranky. All he does is spew BS and cry when his lies gets sh** down with facts. I'd enjoy an honest respectful debate on topics and facts. Libs have failed so far.
WTFO - September 7, 2013, 12:28 am, #59493
I did think that your critique of a "blatant right-wing website" was aimed at my post. My apologies if it wasn't. I use facts/logic to back up my positions. I look at all sides and find the truth. I'm interested in your thoughts in that forum.
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#44947 Created August 22, 2013
More by vbattaile

politics Fast-food companies can afford to pay a living wage

Fast-food companies can afford to pay a living wage - politics

It's a mystery to me why some people have no sympathy for the plight of the fast food workers. Yes, it's a good entry level job for the young, but not so good for adults needing to support a family. Unfortunately the good-paying manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas and replaced by low-paying service jobs with little to no benefits. Many of these workers hold two or three jobs to make ends meet. Some are at retirement age but cannot afford to retire. In order to improve their lot in life they have organized to press for a living wage. The fast food moguls claim their profit margins are too thin to afford this extravagance. If this is true, how did McDonald's CEO rake in $13.8 million last year? In contrast, how is it In-N-Out starts its employees at $10.50 an hour and provides them medical benefits, paid vacations and a 401(k) plan. In Australia McDonald's pays the equivalent of $14.50 an hour. This raised menu items by a mere 70 cents, not double as had been claimed. So it is feasible to raise salaries. Why are some people so deadset against workers getting a living wage, but do not mind a CEO getting $13.8 million a year? The workers are only asking for a fair share of the pie. I don't think this is too much to ask.

TAGS: vik battaile

(2/5) - 18 votes

fgd051943 - November 14, 2013, 4:35 pm, #62287
You knew what the job paid and what the working conditions were when you hired on. If you don't have the intelligence, talent, or skills to make more, change jobs. If you can't or don't, you are probably being paid what you are worth. Maybe more.
JGalt - August 22, 2013, 11:26 pm, #58452
And then the Democrats write Obamacare- which allows these companies to cut hours to cut health benefits.
Ron2 - August 22, 2013, 3:28 pm, #58440
Raise salaries and like it always happens... the price of goods and services go up. It always happens. Not just sometimes. Always.

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#44939 Created August 21, 2013
More by vbattaile

politics Reagan raised debt ceiling, too

Reagan raised debt ceiling, too - politics

Concerning all this debt limit nonsense, consider the following: Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times. Yes, 18. He raised taxes 11 times. That's 11 times. You know, the President you are always boasting about and are so proud of. What a great Republican he was. You wanted to put him on Mount Rushmore! He raised the debt ceiling 18 times. You know, Reagan, Ronald Reagan, he raised the debt ceiling 18 times and he raised taxes 11 times. You know, Reagan, Ronald Reagan.

TAGS: vik

(2.71/5) - 14 votes

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#44752 Created August 19, 2013
More by vbattaile

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