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politics Hillary Clinton : A legacy of treachery & death!

Hillary Clinton : A legacy of treachery & death! - politics

FLASHBACK : Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Investigation For ‘ Lying, Unethical Behavior ’ . . . The now - retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

TAGS: hillary clinton scandal politics lying

(4.37/5) - 19 votes

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#39653 Created May 17, 2013
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politics President Obama is the worst president since Carter

President Obama is the worst president since Carter - politics

Marie Wolfe (Letter: GOP conduct 'disgusts' reader, The Times Herald, Wednesday, 04/10/13) called the GOP disgusting. No Marie, you Democrats are disgusting. President Bush inherited a recession (two quarters of negative growth), then was hit with the greatest attack ever on American soil (9/11 — due to Clinton ignoring/laughing off the 1st World Trade Center attack). All feared another attack not knowing what planes then in the air were lethal. Due to his diligence we have not been attacked since. Afterward, the economy experienced six years of solid growth until the housing crisis. This was not caused by the banks but by Barney Frank/Fannie Mae and people who defaulted on their mortgages because they were dumb — purchasing homes they couldn't afford. Also, the 1977 Housing Act made banks lend in poor areas. If you have never been to a real estate closing, buyers are not dragged in chains and forced to sign. Documents are provided in advance, the title clerk explains everything, and you are told to retain a lawyer. Buyers sign a Promissory Note stating, "I hereby promise to pay ..." How hard is that to understand? President Bush also gave us a drug plan that saves me thousands annually. My last gas purchase under Bush was $1.81/gallon. It is now twice that. Obama, the worst president since Carter, was not qualified for any job. The "Hero of Benghazi" hid in his room while for seven hours our people were slaughtered while troops waited for orders to rescue them. He has never had a budget and outspends Bush’s last year by $1.3 trillion/year. Without Social Security, Bush spent $1.6/year so Obama overspends him by an incredible 80 percent. Debt increased from $9 to $17 trillion and will be $22 trillion by 2016. This is like someone with $50,000 annual income having $750,000 in credit card debt. When interest rates go to normal levels (5 percent) interest costs will increase by over $1 trillion/year and kill the economy. This is the weakest recovery in decades. There are no jobs and millions were forced out of the labor market. Meanwhile the Obamas live like royalty, costs be damned.

TAGS: battaile vik benghazii treason

(4.19/5) - 26 votes

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#39327 Created May 13, 2013
More by vbattaile

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politics The Obama Nation is an abomination!!

The Obama Nation is an abomination!! - politics

The Obama Nation is an abomination!!

TAGS: battaile

(4.06/5) - 35 votes

Scramblus - August 13, 2013, 5:24 pm, #58218
Apparantly the author wants Obama to engage in necromancy.

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#37984 Created May 1, 2013
More by vbattaile

politics Hanoi John a traitor to America

Hanoi John a traitor to America - politics

In 1971, John Kerry was working with Jane Fonda aiding the enemy that we were fighting. They were burning American Flags and carrying pictures of Ho Chi Minh and communists flags. They next year, propaganda posters could be found all over Vietnam's jungles of Fonda wearing an enemy uniform, manning an antiaircraft weapon in Hanoi, and of Kerry leading a demonstration in Washington. In 1971, Kerry published a book that was pro-Hanoi and whose cover mocked the flag raising at Iwo Jima. His book and speeches trashed an entire generation of the United States Armed Forces who fought in Vietnam. These activities make John Kerry, Jane Fonda and all others like them, traitors. The blood of thousands of America's finest is on their hands. The North Vietnamese were encouraged to continue a war that they couldn't win on the battlefield, but on our home front. A war that was fought for a noble cause to stop communism and to save South Vietnam was defamed, smeared and ultimately lost. Lost by the Kerry-types, left-wing liberal politicians, most of the media, and hordes of college protestors, and draft dodgers. The draft dodgers were later given legitimacy and called real heroes by Jimmy Carter. This is a slap in the face to anyone who ever served and the most disgraceful act of any president in our history.

TAGS: battaile

(3.1/5) - 10 votes

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#37930 Created April 30, 2013
More by vbattaile

politics Real home of racism is Democratic Party

Real home of racism is Democratic Party - politics

The Republican Party was founded specifically to abolish slavery. The KKK became the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party. Neither Democratic Presidents Woodrow Wilson nor Franklin D. Roosevelt nor Harry Truman could have won elections without the help of the KKK. The natural home of racism is the Democratic Party.

TAGS: battaile

(3.93/5) - 14 votes

Renza - April 22, 2013, 10:01 am, #52758
I think the argument of the GOP being racist or ***ist is not just from the comments of a few, but the legislation and policies they typically put forth. Like the 'path to citizenship' they've recently laid out, or women's reproductive rights.
Renza - April 22, 2013, 9:57 am, #52757
There are plenty of haters and dbags all around. It's a little sad that people keep referencing things from half a century ago to try to insult a new generation, instead of simply looking at current or recent events.
StoneTools - April 22, 2013, 8:38 am, #52751
because some of the mass murderers of recent history are democrats? I think you have a logic issue.
StoneTools - April 22, 2013, 8:37 am, #52750
So you think the GOP is racist because a few members are racists? Does that mean that democrats are thieves because Jesse Jackson Jr is a democrat? Or that democrats are terrorists because Bill Ayers is a democrat? Or that the democrats are mass murderers
Rudedog - April 22, 2013, 12:17 am, #52745
How times have changed.The southern democrats of the 60's are now the new and improved GOP of the modern age.
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#36976 Created April 21, 2013
More by vbattaile

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