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ELECTION 2012 MADE EASY - Vote for the American

AN INKED PRESIDENT - It would probably beat the hell out of all the current Presidential candidates

" WALKING, TALKING DOOMSDAY MACHINE " - China has dropped 97 percent of its holdings in U.S. Treasury bills.

SUPER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE - And who disguised her as mild manner Sarah Palin

SILLY POLITICIANS - When will they learn, tricks are for kids. The rest of America wants something more tangible.

Your Vote Counts? -

" VETERANS DAY 2009 " - Remember when voting, How he did not feel like saluting our National Anthem.

PALIN BUS TOUR - Bus tours are usually for musicians or candidates... Do you suppose Sarah is starting a country music career? I don't think so...

OBAMA IS NOW SO TOXIC - That someone like Tom Selleck could take the Election in 2012

Man of the People -

TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT - Because Obama has so seriously eroded the standards for qualifications and candidate legitimacy!

ONE THING IS FOR SURE IN 2012 - The more likely a Republican candidate is to win over Obama, the more the leftwingnuts and moonbats will put them under a magnifying glass and try to frame them as extremist and crazy.


MITT ROMNEY - Just going through the motions until the next election season.

MORON - Aww poor Mitt.... only one letter short of full Mormon standing.