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Impeach Politics

GUILLOTINE - The French form of impeachment.


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RonaldReagan - June 11, 2015, 4:18 pm
Both Sarah and Rick could be used as evidence that humans don't evolve.

" OBAMA DECLARES HE’S ‘PROUD’ OF HOFFA–AFTER HOFFA DECLARES ‘WAR’ ON TEA PARTY ‘SONS-OF-BITCHES’ " - First American' President to declare war on the American People & Patriots.

" I WILL STAND WITH MY MUSLIM BROTHERS " - 2012 Democratic platform advocates talking to Hamas, a 'Palestinian' 'right of return' to 'Israel proper,' 1949 armistice lines and a capital where?


" I'm Not A Dick Tator" -


" LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR 'I NEVER HEARD OF FAST AND FURIOUS' " - Holder:“This administration has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban."


Shutdown Politics -

OBAMA TO MEDVEDEV: AFTER ELECTION, “FLEXIBILITY” ON MISSILE DEFENSE. - President Obama suggested to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev today that he will have more room to scale back U.S. missile defense plans once he is no longer answerable to voters.

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CHANGE - We can believe in!

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Mission Impossible -

IMPEACHMENT - No longer a question of "IF" but now "WHEN?"

Wir haben es nicht gewusst. -

" OBAMA GRATIA REX IMPERATOR " - [W]hen I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf…

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vbattaile - February 8, 2013, 2:51 pm
He was a Saint Compared to Obama


You Can Keep Your plan, Docter and Meds. -

" Sound Advice " -


OBAMA CREATES A “SPECIAL $700 MILLION FUND” TO SUPPORT THE “ARAB SPRING” - Turkey - Obama's 'Trusted' Ally: The decisions made by the US will not be binding for us. Egypt - Egyptian Gov. Rejects US Conditional Aid.

" Sequester Roots" -



We warned you, didn't we? IMPEACH OBAMA -

"You know you're Pro Communist, when....." -

"Santa's Elf" -


'Leading From Behind the Golf Course' -


BEST WEEK EVER - Election Week 2012.

'I GO SHOOTING ALL THE TIME' - “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Joe Biden.

" THE COPTIC EXODUS FROM EGYPT " - More than 100,000 Copts applied for immigration to the U.S. and Scandinavian countries. Luckily Obama removed that 'Evil Dictator' Mubarak?

"Plato Knew' -

if liberals used their head for something other than a hat rack -

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" THEY TALK ABOUT ME LIKE I'M AN EMPTY CHAIR " - I still remember the good old days, When they talked about me' Like a Dog.

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SOLYNDRA SCANDAL - The question now is, "How to we use this to impeach?"

QUESTION FOR SENATOR HARRY REID - Do we electric rate payers get our $15 billion back with interest, or should we open this baby for business?

Truth -

'SAUVE QUI PEUT' - " THE SKY IS FALLING " - If the sequester lasts more than two months, there is a “about a ten percent chance” Earth suddenly falls off its axis and hurtle into the sun.

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HARRY REID'S 2010 RE-ELECTION - is starting to rack up some serious bills to taxpayers. Can you say, "Impeachment?"

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION TAX - Did y'all hear Barry's plan last night to take away the Congress's power to tax and simply make it automatic tax increases if deficit reduction goals are not met? TIME TO IMPEACH

" CAN THE US EVER TRUST ANOTHER US PRESIDENT? " - Charles Krauthammer : " How much can they trust this US President? "

" IRAN : IMPEACHMENT FOR LYING ? " - President Ahmadinejad has been summoned to answer questions before Parliament. The process could lead to impeachment,if answers are unsatisfactory.

The most destructive Presidency & administration in American history! -

OBAMA CALLS CNN‘S FAREED ZAKARIA FOR ’WISDOM & ADVICE’. - 2008 on the tarmac with a book in his left hand titled “The Post-American World” by Fareed Zakaria.

" INCOMING " - I think this man (Obama) really does believe he can change the world & people like that are infinitely more dangerous than mere crooked politicians. Thomas Sowell

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THE "I" WORD - is it time to start using the "I-word" yet? Idiot.... incompetent, ignoramus, impeachment? pick one...

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SOLYNDRA - The Foundation of Impeachment.

IMPEACH THE CHIMP - Stand up for America

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Impeachment -

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Cannabal - August 6, 2014, 8:27 pm
Due to the legal principle of "standing," or implication of injury, Boehner might be able to sue Obama because of the delayed health insurance mandate what with the fact that he can't prove he lost insurance since he is covered by the federal government.
EmmaRoydes - August 5, 2014, 9:19 pm
I haven't seen what's in the lawsuit, but why do you think it's bogus?
Cannabal - August 5, 2014, 6:24 pm
You are absolutely right, Republicans really should have learned their lesson with Clinton, but I guess that's why they're opting for a bogus lawsuit instead.
EmmaRoydes - August 1, 2014, 1:38 pm
Other than Sarah Palin, the only ones talking about impeachment seem to be the liberals and they do it to raise campaign funding.

Impeachy Things -

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TaxiDancer - June 9, 2017, 6:31 pm
LOL... "Impeachy things"... just like a liberal college millennial today saying that Trump should be impeached because Comey, "...unplagerized..." himself

Obama's Impeachment -

Totalitarian Republicanism -

Decline of America -

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