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FACTS DON'T LIE - Liberals do! Especially the part about the Community Reinvestment Act's effect upon the economy

THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER - for politicians?

RATIONALIZING REDISTRIBUTION - Yeah, Liberals really are that obvious

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - Tea party members are not terrorists. They are against government corruption. They are against tyranny. They are against big wasteful government and want to follow our constitution.

SCORCHED EARTH TACTIC - Because nothing else says "I have no record of accomplishments to boast of as a 2012 candidate, so I must scorch everyone else in the process". Watch the Obama regime in despiration for 2012

CATHOLICS - They made a deal with the devil to support Obamacare and now they have hell to pay..

FEBRUARY 2013 - Let the commercial Endorsements begin!

THE OBAMA REGIME - Thinks they deserve another term. America can't afford another four years of failed policies and arrogant aloofness.

THE DEMOCRATIC EFFECT - You get what you pay for, or Their ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

OBAMUNISM - ingraining a culture where if you earn money you are not entitled to it, but it you want it, and do not have it, you are!

A "FLY ON THE WALL" MOMENT - Probably not far from the truth!


THANKS TO OBAMA - For our daily commuting costs

THE OBAMA LEGACY - This is how we will remember Barack- confiscator and destroyer of wealth

TEN REASONS - Perhaps Liberals could fill this out, We sure can't!

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - Democrats don't believe in it at all!

THE RISING TIDE - Our futures and getting swept away and all Barry can do is party, vacation and play golf.

MILITARY CUTBACKS - Mr Obama demonstrates Janet Napolitano's new method for dealing with terror attacks

THE CHANGE - That your great-grandchildren will still be paying for!

ATTACKWATCH.COM - Conservatives- be careful out there: It will all be over soon!