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Occupy Politics

UNEMPLOYABLE - I blame corporate greed

CAMPAIGN DONATIONS? - What campaign donations?

OCCUPY JAIL - did you see this during the tea party protests?

DEATH TO ISRAEL - We're Occupy Wall Street, And we approve this message

WARNING IGNORED - now its time to slobber and cry

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RonaldReagan - December 13, 2013, 11:23 am
This was a sin.

OBAMA "AMERICANS NEED TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE !!" - Guess it's time to Tax the approximately 50% of American's who don't pay taxes now.

OWS TENTS - How dare one of them have a bigger tent than the rest

OWS - not earth friendly

OWS PATRIOTISM - behold the love

LISTEN UP... - ...you stupid, dirty hippies. Those aren't peace signs they're holding up.

FUTURE OCCUPIER - Sorry kid, whining because you didn't get what you want will get you nowhere in life. Just look at Occupy.

WE ARE THE .45%! - Now quit your whining.

LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT - The economic system we used to become the richest, most powerful, most pampered nation on the planet - And you're telling us it doesn't work???

I'M TOO SPECIAL - To deliver any bleepin' pizza.

UNIVERSITIES NEED TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES - why are they tax exempt anyways? Again, it's not the rich that are the problem, it is liberal scum.

OCCUPY - Really is like What the MSM Insists the Tea Party is like

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jaxx - September 25, 2012, 9:10 pm
LOL, Not even close. These A-Holes are thugs, pure and simple!

THE SOLUTION TO THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT - The answer is easy for the spoiled brats

OWS SUPPORTER - Alec Baldwin Capital One Spokesman

OCCUPY PEPPER SPRAY - suddenly they was motivated to move along

CLUELESS + HOMELESS - a shared political belief

TAXPAYER - easy to spot

OCCUPIED - Making a "movement"

WHAT HAS CAUSED THE WEALTH GAP? - The gap between initiative/motivation and laziness/entitlement.

1 WISE MAN - among thousands of men and women

CORPORATIONS - made your clothes, brooms, trash can, blackberry etc. What have you made?

OCCUPY TRASH - hoarders approve

1%ER - There they are, why didn't you get'em? Some millionaires get a pass. Occupy Hypocrisy

OCCUPY! - Monster, get a job.

SELF-HATING CAPITALISTS - hypocrites support OWS


OCCUPY HYPOCRISY - Occupy Wall Street: While drinking expensive coffee, using cellphones and other electronic toys.

K-12 - not enough for the greedy

CAPITALISM: - Their failure at it is proof it works.

OCCUPY - We're not communists, that's just media spin!

YES SIR - Its not the business that bought our representatives Its the representatives who sold our future Vote the bums out!

OCCUPY PAYMENTS - This is what happens when children are given everything. (remember the temper tantrum for toys)

CRIME? - Only in China & Cuba

OWS NYC - ashamed of their message

OWS LA - Anti-Semitic hatred flows casually, openly and freely

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OCCUTARDS - "Smash the corporations To *make* them hire us!" Teh stoopid, it burrnnnsss

PROFESSOR PANDER - across the board salary cuts will lower students tuition costs

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sphart1 - September 6, 2012, 7:58 am
College professors - getting paid to sit around and do nothing.

OWS ASHEVILLE - asking for $170,000.00 of taxpayer funds so they can be squatters

GOT A DEGREE IN RUSSIAN LITERATURE - Can't find a job to pay off my student loans

AMERICAN NAZI PARTY - now supporting Occupy Wall Street

OCCUPY TRAIN - 99% all aboard

OLD HIPPIES - LSD formed their political views

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OCCUPY HYPOCRISY - Will this 1%er pay for the clean up?

OCCUPY MALL-OF-AMERICA - Works for me, they have some awesome groceries there.

THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE - And this is what a nightstick feels like, hippie.

OWS GREECE EDITION - show your face

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OWS - Occupy Weed Smokers!

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ACTUALLY, NO - Jesus was not a park-trashing, window-smashing, tyranny-loving Income-snatching, achievement-hating, self-impressed slacker. You're thinking of YOU!

OCCUPY FILL IN THE BLANK - supporting Ron Paul the GOP's Ralph Nader

OCCUPY GRAMMA - GOOD JOB officer!! The elderly think they can get away with being "DOUCHE-BAGS"!! Not no more you DON'T!!

OCCUCRY - Because life isn't fair, so the government should make it such.

OWS SMELL - enjoy

OCCUPY WALL STREET - Was it in your self interest to take out a loan?

OCCUPY WALL ST - Not communist, they just like the color red!

THE RICH - have become the publicans and sinners to the self righteous



OBAMA 2008 - change you can believe in do you still believe?

DR. EVIL - is here to give you his money

DIANE SAWYER - 805 Alien nations now protesting wall street

OWS LOGIC - blame the result not the cause

OWS GREED - show your face

WHERE REASON DIES - occupy wall street

LIBERAL EDUCATION - your job awaits

OCCUPY WALL STREET - they don't know what they want

The dark side shrouds everything -

HEAD & BODY LICE OUTBREAK ANNOUNCED AT #OCCUPY PORTLAND. - “He spoke, and there came divers sorts of flies, and lice in all their coasts.” Psalm 105:31.

OCCUPY HOMELESS - they took over the protest

OWS ASHEVILLE - Still protesting for Obamacare They have no idea it passed

OWS SONG - F**K America

OWS CONVERSATION - bring ear plugs or go deaf

COMMUNIST CHINA - supports occupy wall street

THE LOTTO - If the 1% is evil don't accept the winnings.

EMPLOYMENT - maybe Cirque du Soleil is hiring

Has it ever occurred -

THE UNITED STATES MINT - sent a spy to keep an eye on the protestors

Don't be fooled -

OWS NH - beware of the pimps why do OWS allow so many crimes?

KEEP READING - Matthew 20:14 & 15

LIBERAL GOALS - outrage protesting surrender

occupy elsewhere -


EXISTING - Why didn't my professors tell me it cost money?

OCCUPY SPRING OFFENSIVE - Yes, it's spring, and yes, their smell and behavior is offensive.

THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT - Not really Communist, just wearing the t-shirt.


PRIVATE SCREENING - of Michael Moore's latest propoganda flick

ATTENTION OWS: - 12.5% of the planets have 71% of the mass: Go occupy Jupiter!

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TENT OF DREAMS - The perfect place to pursue your dream of being a homeless fringe revolutionary living under a tarp

#OCCUPY PATROL BASE - We are the 0.45%!

PROPER INTRODUCTIONS - Water Cannon, meet Protester. Protester meet.....

" THE EMPEROR ON THE MOVE...... AGAIN " - Obama Will Use Jobs Bus Tour To Support Occupy Wall Street Protesters.

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THE WAR ON WOMEN - If conservatives are waging one Why does Occupy need Rape Free Zones And Tea Party protests don't?

10 MINUTES LATER - He disappeared

YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME - Even grocery store employees are unionized these days?