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Aurielius - Jan 24, 2018 4:32pm, #85684

So much TDS rage and so little time left to scream about it. Rather amusing actually.

Aurielius - Dec 13, 2017 7:36am, #85422

Alabama picked who they wanted to represent them, I never had a problem with that. I knew you could not win gracefully...enjoy.

Aurielius - Dec 12, 2017 2:07pm, #85414

There is one unconsidered upside to a possible Moore win, in that it will drive you nuts. It seems that you do not like actual democracy, such as abiding by the will of Alabamians whatever that may be.

Aurielius - Dec 12, 2017 12:49pm, #85412

A non sequitur when you have nothing rational left?

Aurielius - Dec 12, 2017 12:32pm, #85410

Chuckles..I'm a Deist not a Christian so decrying my lack of Christian morality is a bit off target. If he wins it's another preserved conservative senate seat , if he loses ..it's will of the voters of Alabama. I can live with either outcome.

Aurielius - Dec 12, 2017 11:23am, #85408

What is amusing is this OTT outrage over an election you cannot vote in or influence. Just wait a few hours and the will of the people of Alabama will be revealed

Aurielius - Dec 12, 2017 10:40am, #85406

Finally, someone who is actually capable of voting in that election speaks. It will be settled by the voters there not by the posters here.

Aurielius - Dec 10, 2017 10:07am, #85355

Snowflake 'logic', conflate two completely disparate points to push an agenda. The only opinions that count are in Alabama which I'm willing to bet are not politifake posters.

Aurielius - Nov 29, 2017 3:10pm, #85289

I compared abortion with genocide, true. The rest of your whinging must be you looking in the mirror.

Aurielius - Nov 29, 2017 1:30pm, #85286

The hypocrisy is with those who would like to re-label organized systematic infant murder into something more palatable.

Aurielius - Nov 29, 2017 9:39am, #85275

Planned Parenthood, an organization that has killed more children than the Nazis ever managed to. But I guess the more appropriate title of Planned Genocide wouldn't engender the same rabid support from the uber left.

Aurielius - Nov 23, 2017 10:13pm, #85072

Some in this comment thread seem to feel that there is a hierarchy within politfake that should be acquiesced to axiomatically. To my knowledge this is an egalitarian site which tries to offend all sides of the spectrum and anyone's opinion is equal.

Aurielius - Nov 21, 2017 6:54am, #84675

So if someones lives lets say in the deserts of New Mexico or the mountains of Vermont they should subsidize multi million dollar vacation homes in the Outer Banks or the Florida Keys? Typical wealth re distributional thinking.

Aurielius - Nov 20, 2017 12:04pm, #84576

"Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred."-Jacques Barzun

Aurielius - Nov 19, 2017 2:05pm, #84444

That won't fly either. I'm a**uming that you ripple fire your insults because so many 'go stupid'.

Aurielius - Nov 19, 2017 11:42am, #84439

You do not want to debate you simply want to berate."Popeye"? That is laughably pathetic targeting.

Aurielius - Nov 19, 2017 10:17am, #84404

No army I'm a Navy vet. Once again your pathetic jibe is a swing and a miss.

Aurielius - Nov 19, 2017 7:41am, #84389

The problem with politically correct purges is that like an rogue torp***, it can circle back to it's point of launch.

Aurielius - Nov 18, 2017 6:19pm, #84333

I'm fairly old school, if it walks like a duck..well in your case if it walks like a donkey, brays like one and spouts left wing talking points then the odds are good that it's not an elephant.

Aurielius - Nov 18, 2017 5:21pm, #84329

Don't bring me in as one of your straw-men. You simply lack credibility as a conservative of any stripe.

Aurielius - Nov 17, 2017 2:38pm, #84195

I suspect that I have been a conservative longer than you have been alive, so spare me your ideological 'litmus tests'.

Aurielius - Nov 17, 2017 2:16pm, #84192

Your basic problem is that you seem to not be able to differentiate between a Trump supporter and a Conservative. There is a difference. Which is why the "Trumpanzy" epithets have always missed their mark.

Aurielius - Nov 17, 2017 1:41pm, #84188

It's quite simple: If you done a hitch you have earned the right to b****. If you sat on the sidelines I'm not interested in your byline. At least in terms of veterans which I am and you are not. "The last refuge of a scoundrel is the flag"- Mark Twain

Aurielius - Nov 17, 2017 12:50pm, #84185

Unlike you I have never pretended to be unbiased politically. No one who posts memes is unbiased to some degree. However I draw the line at using vets to prop up a political narrative, that line can be seen in your rear view mirror.

Aurielius - Nov 17, 2017 11:25am, #84181

When you make a meme condemning Bill Clinton's prior ra** of women I might be inclined to believe your lack of 'partisan' bias. But I won't hold my breath waiting for that.

Aurielius - Nov 13, 2017 12:11pm, #84028

I waste maybe 5 minutes per day here..today 10 because it amuses me. However it seems that posting is your idea of a job. Though it is true that you only used 3 posts to refute two lines...what an epic victory to place among your participation trophies.

Aurielius - Nov 13, 2017 11:22am, #84022

Five posts to refute two lines again? "Brevity is the soul of wit"-Shakespeare.

Aurielius - Nov 13, 2017 9:59am, #84016

Is this the same 'data' that a**ured an HRC win? No one knows what the new political paradigm really is.

Aurielius - Nov 13, 2017 9:18am, #84014

It's intriguing that when one side wins a minor set of off year elections the process is praised..after whinging for months about the other major election being 'fixed' because they lost. Translation: Only elections we win are valid ones.

Aurielius - Nov 7, 2017 4:55pm, #83981

The look on the State Trooper is priceless. Still laughing.

Aurielius - Oct 22, 2017 1:09pm, #83892

Usually I just peruse the examples of TDS and just a**ume it's cheap therapy for the authors, just as much as the vitriolic Obama attacks were in prior years. Given that you used three posts to counter two lines, I'm not sure if it's working for you.

Aurielius - Oct 22, 2017 10:57am, #83888

I'd bet the farm that you have never heard an incoming round that wasn't on a video game. You don't fight for your country you fight for the guy next to you.

Aurielius - Oct 21, 2017 5:22pm, #83886

What she actually meant was that anyone who could not accept results that elected her was a threat to democracy as she knows it. She never considered that she would have to eat her own words.

Aurielius - Oct 11, 2017 5:18pm, #83859

It should be "Your ba*** actions" etc...as in the use of a verb versus an adjective. It's hard to be offended by the semi literate so I call that one a swing and a miss.

Aurielius - Oct 11, 2017 12:03pm, #83856

Silly rabbit, that insult tactic is a slight bit threadbare from constant overuse. Is there not something a bit new you can call people who disagree with your perspective?

Aurielius - Oct 11, 2017 10:03am, #83854

Very droll considering most of your political posts are revisionist history, though you are hardly unique in that respect.

Aurielius - Oct 9, 2017 9:54am, #83804

Aside from being factually inaccurate..it's artistically sub standard.

Aurielius - Sep 27, 2017 10:04am, #83696

There is a difference between being legally allowed to do something and doing something intentionally disrespectful. Just because I fought for your right to be a wanker doesn't make it any more palatable to watch. Just a vet's two cents.

Aurielius - Jun 7, 2017 10:27am, #83606

Churchill once said:"If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain"

Aurielius - Apr 9, 2017 9:25am, #83494

The sound of crickets....lol

Aurielius - Apr 8, 2017 12:06pm, #83490

There first was TDS...now there is Gorsuch GDS...am sure I'll be laughing throughout the several decades of SCOTUS decisions...yup It's obvious, a captain is in charge...which is a pleasure after years of Sgt Shultz aka Harry Reid.

Aurielius - Apr 5, 2017 10:17am, #83487

So a conservative that tips 20% is somehow mock-able? If you ever had worked service you would know that is a generous tip.

Aurielius - Mar 23, 2017 10:12am, #83431

Unfortunately the Terrorist was UK born...he was however on the MI-5 watch-list. It's always tempting to be current but concrete facts usually take at least 24 hours.

Aurielius - Mar 16, 2017 11:03am, #83366

Droll, considering all the post election a**aults, burning cars, free speech suppression were conducted by Liberals.

Aurielius - Mar 15, 2017 9:22am, #83362

Yawn..When all else fails try a W meme. No wonder liberals lost the election..zero innovation.

Aurielius - Feb 27, 2017 10:59pm, #83254

Sussessful? Am I missing some pun where the substitution for Successful would be humorous?

Aurielius - Feb 19, 2017 8:53pm, #83232

If the colors were reversed ..then it would just perfect for liberals.

Aurielius - Feb 15, 2017 6:54pm, #83188

Actually for millennia.

Aurielius - Jan 16, 2017 10:05am, #82790

For someone who studied the classics it's strange that he never understood the concept of Hubris.

Aurielius - Jan 5, 2017 10:00am, #82699

Democratic perception was that they would sweep the election. the reality is that they got shellacked. Enjoy the next four/eight years...I know I will.

Aurielius - Dec 31, 2016 2:01pm, #82688

It's too bad that we couldn't pay them on a 'piece work' basis. They would almost be free of charge.

Aurielius - Dec 18, 2016 8:17am, #82668

Though the Democrats vainly try to pin their loss on anything but their failed policies / message, they never denied the content of the leaks to be fallacious.

Aurielius - Dec 10, 2016 10:01am, #82639

I enjoy your satire with my morning coffee, rarely comment but this was too tempting a target.

Aurielius - Dec 9, 2016 10:53am, #82624

Reid's chickens have come home to roost. How do you Liberals feel about changing the filibuster rules now that the shoe is on the other foot? Not so clever now that the nuclear option can be used for the conservative agenda.

Aurielius - Nov 22, 2016 7:27am, #82599

I imagine this is the look of the far left Motiflake posters..who are notably absent post Nov 8th

Aurielius - Sep 15, 2016 7:30am, #82114

No it's a Mexican flag,just as the Maple Leaf flag is Canadian, both are North American Counties but that is where it ends. It's use in protests does not enhance it's legitimacy.

Aurielius - Sep 7, 2016 11:39am, #82004

Lets see, it's a Mexican flag used by protesting illegals to demonstrate their identification with Mexico. Easy..it's un American

Aurielius - Sep 1, 2016 8:54am, #81899

Though a I agree it's any American's right to speak their mind..it's also my right to kick the a** of the flag burning nimrod.

Aurielius - Aug 16, 2016 4:26pm, #81710

As if you have ever seen a h** LZ

Aurielius - Jun 16, 2016 9:21am, #80419

Liberals love to cherry pick their SCOTUS decisions. If you want my weapons...be my guest just try and take them.